Rhetorical Analysis Of My English 102 Class

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Starting a new life away from home can be difficult. Many young adults experience this every year when they decide to go away to college. It is obvious to say that around that age is when young adults start getting to know themselves, and start acquiring better understanding of what they want from life. I am currently going through my first year of college, I can relate to the new lifestyle I started having when I came to CSUCI, but I have also seen many things that has made me learn from other people’s experiences. I wrote a letter pretending to be a worried mother as my project number two for my English 102 class last semester. I wanted to focus on women because I am a woman and I’ve heard and experienced cases where someone I know had an …show more content…

The letter is based on a mother trying to make a positive proposition to her daughter. The persuader would be the mother and the intended audience is the daughter. The letter is fiction because the mother and daughter doesn’t exist, that will make everyone who reads the letter the intended audience. The author’s objective is to persuade her reader into doing what she thinks it’s right. That is something that we can refer as rhetorical appeals. The big question here is what is rhetoric? Laura Carroll states, “Rhetoric - is the way we use language and images to persuade - is what makes media work” (46). We practice rhetoric everyday in our daily lives, and we don’t even notice it most of the time. The letter is a great example of rhetoric. A mother writes to her daugher, she uses logos and pathos to persuade her daughter into change her new lifestyle. The daughter’s name is Kaylee, she moves on to college and she starts experimenting new things since she left home. She started drinking and going to parties, the mother is concern about her daughter’s well being and she feels like she has make an attempt on making her realize how her decisions could negatively affect her. I decided to write a letter because I felt that a letter can be informative and it could impact the reader not only emotionally, but logically because of how the information was formatted. Throughout the letter,

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