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The Truth About Positive Thinking And How To Make It Work For You

It is my experience that "positive thinking" is misunderstood by the masses to permit an avoidance of personal responsibility - similar to how people think that praying for The God Energy to fix a situation while they sit in front of the TV and take no action themselves is going to make a difference. Many people misuse the concept of positive thinking to support their laziness in terms of how positive thinking does/does not work for them. There's a reason for the adage: "God helps those who help themselves."

Our society has decayed into the "blame game" of it is everything and everyone else's fault for one's failures to succeed, all while wanting a quick fix by taking a pill. …show more content…

The power of positive thinking is exercising the discipline to keep your focus on taking positive actions for the outcome of what you desire to create. This is realized by training and keeping your thoughts tuned to strengthen your ability to uphold the commitment to achieve your goals by taking positive action.

Like exercising muscles, exercising your thoughts becomes easier with repetition. Below are tips to make positive thinking work for you.

1) Choose Realistic Goals. This may be the most important aspect of positive thinking. There is NO way you can think yourself into or out of anything without taking the necessary steps to foster a healthy outcome. For example, you cannot think away excess weight without exercise and a healthy diet. Wishing or praying to lose weight won't work without intelligent action.

a) Create empowering goals and a realistic time frame to achieve them.

b) Make the commitment to reach small goals along the way to your ultimate goal. This practice sets up the experience of "winning achievement" which fuels your motivation and ability to remain committed to your …show more content…


- Life is a journey, not a destination. Each action you take will bring you to opportunities to learn what/what not to do in the future and which permit you to grow as a person.

- If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. There is no quick fix. Instant gratification is not an option. As with everything, your commitment and diligence is the key to your success.

3) Do everything to support your success.

a) Research a variety of techniques to keep your focus, stay inspired, and prevent boredom. The internet is a fabulous tool that makes access to information easy and almost instantaneous.

b) Utilize motivational websites, blogs, and daily services to support your process. There are a multitude of free options.

c) Some of the best forms of positive thinking are affirmations. Use them to condition yourself to stay focused, motivated, and capable of achieving your goals.

4) Basically, the keys to the successful use of positive thinking are to:

a) Take responsibility for what you can do/are doing and don't look for reasons "why

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