Persuasive Essay: Overcoming Fear Of Failure

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Overcoming Fear of Failure A kid bouncing on his feet, running here and there with a wide smile on his face, once in a while, trips on a stone. With rashes on his knees, he runs to his mother. What does his mother say? Would she say stop moving? Or she would ask him to be careful the next time he runs? We can analogize this example with bigger difficulties in life. A fear of failure, something, that has stopped a person from becoming a billionaire, something that was on the way to a new best seller, something that took away a reason to live. It was allowed to do so because you gave it a higher standard than life. Life is not about not taking the risk. If he would not have risked, there would not have been a light bulb or any modern appliance …show more content…

Goal shifting This is the easiest step that you can move forward with, rather than dreading on the failure. What does goal shifting exactly mean? It means that, rather than aiming for an imaginary target, set for something that is feasible. Do not aim for something that is a materialistic gain at the beginning of the venture. Aim for something like, exploring and learning new ways to achieve the target. Don’t stride, take small steps. This will not only help you minimize the failure possibilities, but it will also boost your morale. 2. Think before you leap We all have heard this saying. But who actually follows it? We all are in a hurry to grow into something big. Success is not achieved overnight. It is a result of a continuous process. The process here means, calculating the risk factors and the damage it will cause. Before you take the next step, always explore all the failure possibilities. This will prevent you from taking steps that are not meant to be taken. This will also keep you alert and help you take immediate action in case of failure. This happens only if you foresee the obstacles. This comes through intense research about the step that you are going to

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