Personal Narrative: The Maui High Sabers Football

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Win or Lose As humans , we have to lose to win. Life may not always be fair or in our favor but we have to let it run its course. Regardless of how long it takes; devotion, spontaneity, and heart can bring forth an opportunity we would have never been. People can not sit in one place and do nothing and still expect to go somewhere. That would be completely pointless. The chance for someone to put themselves out there and not know what will happen is a part of living. To be afraid of losing or failing is unproductive. We all need to lose a few times to be grateful for winning. Even if it is a loss, you gain something and you’re going somewhere. The Maui High Sabers football team must have been gaining a lot of knowledge and skill. It has been 13 years since the Maui High Sabers had defeated the Baldwin High Bears in football. Thirteen seasons, the Maui High Sabers football team had lived in the shadow of their cross­town rivals, the Baldwin High Bears. The Sabers were only known for our academics, school pride, aloha to …show more content…

As the junior varsity game comes to an end the rest of the spectators begin to file in. The Saber sections is a sea of white and blue. “How long until the game starts? I want to get food first,” Janelle says. “15 minutes, I’ll go with you,” I reply. We walk up the stairs. As we pass all the supporters of the Sabers and into the concession stand line there is a big question that seems to be hiding beneath the homemade player signs, facepaint, foam fingers, team shirts and “bear hunting season” posters. Will we win? Is this the game? How glorious would it be to start the season off with beating the Bears. After 13 years of the same question after the weekend finishes, “how much did Baldwin win by this time,” I think to myself, tonight might be the night. “What can I get you,” the cashier asks as I step up to the window. “Can I get a chili bowl and a water, please?” “One chili

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