Essay On Overcoming Obstacles

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“Another source of greatness is difficulty. When any work seems to have required immense force and labour to effect it, the idea is grand” -Edmund Burke Obstacles are challenges that make a better version of ourselves, doors that we need to open to achieve greatness and success. These obstacles can range from your school work to the death of a loved one. Everyone faces obstacles and challenges, some overcome them and some get overcome by the obstacles. In fact, obstacles are a necessary impetus and a driving force in our lives to keep us motivated towards our ultimate goals. Overcoming these obstacles requires hard work, motivation and confidence. When overcoming obstacles we learn to work hard to achieve goals and push through challenges. Sometimes obstacles are punishments to help us find the right path and learn from our mistakes. A common example of this would be failing an exam, this is a small obstacle that can easily be overcome by figuring out our mistakes and fixing them. In our example, that would mean we need to work harder by studying better and paying better attention in class. Even though If someone consistently fails at something without getting any results, it should be always a …show more content…

It requires a key that can be obtained by anyone who has motivation, hard work and passion. It will almost never take you a couple of days to overcome a challenge it might take you weeks, months or even years. It also takes a lot of patience to overcome challenges, 2 major people that influenced people’s lives today were Nelson Mandela and Thomas Edison we all now know how much patience they had, Nelson Mandela staying in a prison for twenty seven years and Thomas Edison taking one thousand tries before achieving the light bulb that lights our days today. Never look at unsuccessful attempts as failure although look at them as ways that won’t work towards overcoming your obstacle or achieving your

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