Simone Biles: A Hero's Life

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Barriers throughout someone’s lifetime could shatter them, or help them to build and become a better person. Either way, it is a decision one makes on their own. Some people’s hardships are worse than others, but that does not mean it was not tough for them to handle. Conflicts could even help shape the person going through a tough time. Simone Biles was determined to become stronger from her challenges, mentally and physically. Simone’s struggles started early in her childhood. Her mother was a drug and alcohol abuser; she did not even know her dad. Her grandparents took her in, and she knew them as Mom and Dad ever since then. Having a strong relationship with her mom has been a very positive thing in Simone’s life. Who knows what would have happened if she did not have a support system as well as she does now? Not only did she face issues at home, Simone also faced them at school. According to CBN News, Simone would wear jackets to school because she did not like the appearance of her arms. Her muscles were much larger compared to the other girls at school, especially for her age (Olympic Gold Medalist). Although she did not feel comfortable in school, when she went to her gymnastics classes, she realized that the other girls …show more content…

The website states, “Simone Biles is the most decorated American gymnast, winning 19 Olympic and World Championship medals” (Mead). Because Simone was too young to attend the Olympics in 2012, the first Olympic Games Simone attended was in 2016 in Rio. Although Simone has only been to one of the Olympics, she has been awarded with five Olympic medals; four of them were gold, and one was bronze. She acquired gold in team, all-around, vault, and floor; she got bronze on the beam. Simone plans to continue to practice and will more than likely participate in the upcoming summer Olympic Games in

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