Societal Obstacles Essay

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Monetary and Societal Obstacles Societal simply comes from the word society and it means relating to society. Monetary refers to money. In our society monetary and societal obstacles can intertwine. These obstacles can even build on each other. Consequently, this can cause bigger problems if they are not handled correctly. Even though, monetary and societal obstacles can intertwine, they can also be two completely different set of obstacles for a person to overcome or simply deal with. Monetary obstacle examples that could lead to serious problems are situations such as having the money to pay for college or paying rent for an apartment. Societal obstacles can become a problem especially if the customs do not fit with the way a person thinks …show more content…

Several college students deal with monetary obstacles every week. They have to deal with college books, meals, and dorms or apartments before they can even think about having any money left over for fun activities. College books, meals, and having a place to stay are all monetary obstacles because college students have to make tough decisions to get over these humps. Such as if they should choose a cheap apartment so they can have extra money for fun and risk having bad off campus living experience or choose a moderate to expensive apartment for a good off campus living experience but risk having potentially no money for fun at all. In addition to monetary obstacles, societal obstacles are a part of many college student lives as well. There are many different societies in college which means that there are many different societal obstacles to possibly deal with. There are plenty of obstacles that college students will encounter and they can simply avoid them. These are issues such as smoking or drinking. Students who are around crowds who like to smoke and drink could possibly pressure the college student to do either or even both. He or she will have to make the decision to avoid these type of crowds or join

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