Common Elements Of Oppression Essay

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In the essay “The Common Elements of Oppression” from Suzanne Pharr’s book Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism we learn about the different types of oppression. While watching the film Milk (2008) many of those elements of oppression are being strongly depicted. Throughout this piece examples will be given on how the film depicts three of those elements as described in Pharr’s book. The three elements of oppression that were the strongest in the film are: a defined norm, stereotyping and isolation. The first element of oppression that shows up in the film Milk is a defined norm. As described by Pharr a defined norm is, “a standard of rightness and often righteousness wherein all others are judged in relation to it.” This means that an entity, whether it be a business, a group of people, or a single individual; with influence in society has claimed or passed down a certain way of living that is considered “normal”. A common example of this is the classic societal “status quo”, which has evolved many times over the centuries from decade to decade, from generation to generation. During Milk’s campaign he was never treated as an equal or given the same respect as his counterparts, instead he was mocked and …show more content…

In “The Common Elements of Oppression” by Suzanne Pharr, she writes that isolation is a “major component” to the oppression of “minority groups”. The LBGT community depicted in the Harvey Milk film were disowned by their own communities that they lived, worked and were even born in. They were treated as “others” and had no say-so, no voice, no authority- that is until Harvey Milk decided enough was enough. Just as Pharr stated, it wasn’t until those afflicted by these actions, came together and created a movement, a uniformed voice for a call to do something to change the wrongdoings of those who were considered a

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