Examples Of Oppression In The Yellow Wallpaper

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The Yellow Wallpaper In The Yellow Wallpaper written in 1894, Gilman portrays the protagonist as a victim of oppression. Oppression is defined as being heavily burdened mentally or physically by troubles or adverse conditions. Oppression is also a form of authority over someone who is in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. During the 1800’s women were subject to strict laws of society which prevented them from many civil rights and opportunities. The narrator feels oppressed by her relationship with her husband, her house, and the wallpaper. One example given in the story about the protagonist being oppressed by John is how he decides to treat her depression. First he puts her in a room where the conditions are not well for her to stay. …show more content…

He keeps her alone in an old beat up nursery when she should be out being productive. He also doesn't let her do anything because he is “protecting her” and helping her recover faster when they both know that is not the case. And he at one point of the story says “What is it, little girl?” and “Don't go walking about like that---you will get cold.” The biggest symbol of oppression in the story is The Yellow Wallpaper. At first it is seen as nothing but an old ruined wallpaper with a “bad” pattern. As the story progresses she stares at the paper for hours and sees a sub-pattern behind the main pattern, visible only in certain light. She hen sees a desperate woman trying to leave the wallpaper which shows how the women feel trapped. The author uses the yellow wallpaper as a symbol of the oppressive life that many women have today and back then. In conclusion, With oppression women back then and now are being denied their human right to be equal and that should not be the case. Oppression is an unjust treatment and women should not have to go through it. There were many examples of oppression in The Yellow Wallpaper. This was a good example of how oppression can affects someone and how depression plays a big role in

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