Essay On Challenges Facing College Students

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Students face various challenges throughout their college career. Thus, the problems that students have can range from balance, new lifestyle, to financial problems. Therefore, finding a balance between being a student, possibly working, and keeping up with their social life is a necessity. Similarly, others are away from home for the first time thus, they have a new responsibility with being on their own and findings ways to deal with homesickness. Likewise, being exposed to new financial situations is yet another challenge college students will need to learn how to cope with. Although students will face various challenges in college, these challenges have solutions and ways to cope with them, thus these challenges will lead them to success. Notably, having a balance in life is a real benefit for anyone. It brings a type of peace and serenity into a person’s life that cannot be found without it. Thus, for college students, this is almost …show more content…

A part-time job will not amount to the cost of school and living. Although costs are universally high, some of the cost may rely upon the location of the student in relation to the location of the school. Although there are no solutions to the financial challenges of a college student, there are ways to cope with the issue. The best ways to limit financial stress are buying used textbooks, eating at home, applying for scholarships, applying for financial aid, and making a weekly budget plan. Scholarships and financial aid are given to people who qualify; however, these aids do not pose solutions to the problem. Equally important, some scholarships are based on race and social factors, however, these do not put a barrier or separate one group from having different financial challenges than the others. As prices continue to rise year to year, the majority of college students are faced with no solutions to the universally wretched financial

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