The Seven Deadly Sins Of College Students

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For many people, higher education is needed as they pursue their desired career paths. However, the same seven deadly sins of lust, gluttony, envy, greed, anger, sloth, and pride that keep one unhappy and unmotivated in everyday life, even if one does not realize these are the source of their unhappiness, can also be applied even more specifically to students. Most will struggle with at least one of these areas, if not all of them, in their academic journey. Being aware of the common potential downfalls, though, can better set up a student opportunities to overcome them. This, in turn, will help them in overcoming obstacles in their life after school as well.
Lust in the academic environment would not typically be the first of all the major sins that most would initially think of. However, it is still prominent in the classroom. Students come to class not with the intention of learning or listening to their professor, but for the intent of socializing with a peer or for pursuing potential dating and romantic relationships. A personal example of this would be during my freshman year of college. I had a classmate who had her eyes on another classmate of ours. Throughout the semester, her main goal was pursuing him. She would come to class dressed seductively, and she would create …show more content…

Competition in the classroom can be very intense, especially when other students appear to excel relatively quickly while you have to struggle through. I personally experienced this one in a class I had several years ago. I put in hours to my work and was not receiving the grades I wanted. On the other hand, a classmate never seemed to study and aced every assignment. It was very easy for me to become resentful of her and her success. These situations can become even more detrimental than my experience was. The worst case scenarios have students actively putting others down or trying to sabotage them in order to feel better about themselves and their own

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