Statement Of Purpose For The Roger Williams University Honors Program

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I would be a good fit in the Roger Williams University Honors program for a multitude of reasons. I obtain the qualities of someone who is ready to become a leader, as well as the best version of myself possible.I have participated in multiple activities, clubs, and service projects throughout my life. A few qualities that make me a suitable candidate would be, my motivation, dependability, and ability to put others before myself. During my four years at Sandwich High School, I was involved in numerous clubs and activities. This can be shown on my application;however, that list does not show the impact it had on me. From Sophomore year to Senior year, I was involved in PALS. This club gave me the opportunity to work with younger children in my community. It was very similar to the Big Brother Big Sister program. I was given the opportunity to influence and inspire others. I learned a lot from this opportunity. I learned that not everyone is as fortunate as myself, but most of all I learned how to be there for someone. I knew each week that even if I felt sick, I would be at that elementary school, helping that child to the best of my ability. On top of spending numerous hours at clubs, I could always be found studying or working on a project. I have always been interested in my …show more content…

I have been given numerous opportunities to prove myself, both in the classroom and out, and I believe I have done so. I made a positive impact on a younger peer, and I am proud of that. In my mind, that is one of my biggest accomplishments. I have maintained good grades, and challenged myself. I have learned how to balance myself. I have learned how to become a role model, and a leader. These are qualities that have grown and developed throughout my entire life, but became evident during my time at SHS. These are qualities that I hope to bring to the campus of Roger William University next

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