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For years I have dreamt about getting into my favorite college. The rush I would get as my school’s football team ran out of the tunnel. All the new people I would meet that would become my friends for life. It is now November of my senior year and I have decided to go to Colorado State University. I am without a doubt that Colorado State is the school I dreamt about all these years. Growing up, I wanted a place that challenged me physically, academically, and spiritually. I believe the Colorado State Honors Program would be a great fit for me. There are many reasons why I would love to be accepted into the Honors Program. For one, it is a great challenge. I enjoy being challenged and no matter how hard it is, I am always up for it. I love to dig deeper and expand my knowledge when learning to get a broader understanding of topics. The Honors Program will allow me to do that through its small class discussions. Secondly, I am very focused and take academics seriously. This program will surround me …show more content…

I have been on several mission trips in America and out of the Country. Going on those trips have opened my eyes to what really goes on in the world. I have seen so much hurt and need, but I have also experienced the most joyful humans. These experiences led me to be more grateful for my life and as well as to understand others better. Growing up in a family of six kids, I needed to learn how to communicate and work together. I am the peacemaker in my family; I bring people together. I have a very positive outlook on life. People tell me that I am the happiest, most optimistic person they know. I think my outlook will add a lot to the Honors Program. Even in the bleakest situations, I can always find the good and encourage others to keep pressing on. This will benefit the program because it can be hard, but with students coming together and encouraging one another, they will be able to persevere and finish

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