Personal Narrative: My Journey To New Jersey

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When my youth leader asked me to go on a service trip in New Jersey, some hesitation came to mind. I was given an opportunity to travel with our group to provide aid to many of the victims that were heavily affected by Hurricane Sandy. This was a very difficult decision to make as I witnessed the emotional effects that it had in our area, which had not been a major area of damage. I eventually decided to participate, which gave new perspective of how lucky I am to have the life I live. Similar experiences and the effects tied with them can be found in a variety of places. Many organizations and groups are always searching for help not only in their own premises, but also outside of their area. Even if the personal effects are not as drastic, …show more content…

When applying to various colleges or scholarships, many ask to see what activities were performed both in and out of the school environment. This is very important because it can reveal points about your character and who you are. Later, this can also lead to providing background in the career path you are choosing. Volunteering can offer ventures to engage in work that includes trying out a new career without making a commitment, to gain experience in a new field, and to provide extensive training of skills that will be utilized later on. Overall, being a volunteer helps give an endless amount of opportunities. Furthermore, engaging in volunteer work can help to carry a great deal of change. These acts of service create a better sense of community while making a stronger connection. Being involved can support a person’s individual mental and physical health. In the future, volunteer experience can help pave the way for a career along with the knowledge needed for it. If I had not decided to engage myself in this assistance at an early age, I never would have realized what I do now. Volunteer work, without a doubt, sparks a difference or change in many lives, it all just depends on what change you hold

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