Personal Narrative: My Journey To Florida

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It all started with the fourteen hour drive there. Sleeping, listening to music, and blocking out the complaining of my brothers. “Mommm, Carissa’s foot is touching me!” This was all I heard the whole ride there. I continue to turn up my music as loud as it will go and force my eyes shut. I’m not very tired but I want to be well rested by the time we get to Florida. To help put myself in a better mood I think about all the memories I’m about to make this week. Florida is my favorite place ever so it wasn’t that hard to think of something. I remember waking up as we passed the big green sign reading, “Welcome to Florida.” My heart fluttered with happiness as we crossed the bridge over the vast blue water. I woke my brothers and told them to get up and look out the window. After eating Chick-Fil-A we checked into our condo. It looked and felt so homey. The living room had a huge glass sliding door which opened and looked out over the ocean. When you walked out there was a deck you could stand on and look out into the water. We …show more content…

We rented a pontoon and drove out there. The water was so clear and only knee deep. They had inflatable obstacle courses and a giant slide. When I was ready to get into the water I took my shirt off and threw it onto the boat, or so I thought. Somehow I never saw that shirt again. It made me really sad because it was my favorite shirt and I had only paid three dollars for it. We searched for all the cool shells the little crabs were hiding in. When we were done I took my brothers over to the obstacle courses and tried them out. There were rock climbing places that felt like mountains and tracks where you could race others. I tried out the swing where you had to hold on and get over to the other side. I attempted and fell before I even got going. When we were done attempting all of the courses we decided to go down the slide. It felt like I was climbing to the moon that thing was so

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