Character Analysis Of Jerry In The Hero By Ron Woods

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Love Not Capes When I was 7 years old I went swimming at my aunt’s house. It was a hot summer day and I was ready to swim! Once we got there my family went inside to eat, but I stayed outside without them knowing so I could swim. I walked over to the pool when I suddenly slipped and fell in the water. I was not a strong swimmer, and without an inner tube to help me I was even worse. I could feel myself slipping into the darkness, when a large splash happened next to me and something grabbed me from the water. I looked up and saw my dad, a hero. In the novel The Hero, by Ron Woods, Jerry is a hero, because he was a good leader, courageous, and honest. Jerry is a hero because he is a leader. When the raft went loose and they …show more content…

“‘Lay down and hold on. Come on, now. Like this.’” (Woods 99) This shows Jerry is a good leader, because Jamie and Dennis did not know what to do when the raft went loose. But Jerry stayed calm and came up with a plan to help them for when they would go over the dams. Without Jerry and his quick thinking, they might have gone over and gotten hurt or killed. Because Jerry is a leader, he is a hero Jerry is a hero because he is courageous. Once Jerry falls off the raft he swims to shore and runs for help. “He turned around once when he was out of the white water and shouted, but no voice could penetrate the din behind us. He made some hand signals that I couldn’t understand, then turned and swam away, angling toward the west bank.” (Woods 104) This proves Jerry is courageous, because after being thrown off, he could have tried to get back on the Teller 2 raft, or gone into shock. But he swam against the current and ran for help. If Jerry had not done this they may have never been rescued from the raft. Because Jerry is courageous he is a hero. Jerry is a hero because he is honest. After Jamie speaks at the funeral, Jerry tells him

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