The Man In The Water Analysis

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Hero of Flight 90 In the article by Roger Rosenblatt, a man risked his life to save the other passengers in the freezing cold water of the Potomac River. In Time Magazine, the article summarizes the plane crash and the reason behind its significance. In 1982, Air Florida flight 90 crashed directly into a bridge located in Washington D.C. The plane then sunk into the Potomac River, leaving passengers fighting for their lives. Only six of the seventy four passengers survived and one of the passengers lived to tell the story of the man who risked his own life while fighting to save everyone else’s. In the article “The Man in the Water,” by Roger Rosenblatt, the theme is heroism. One reason as to why the theme of “The Man in the Water” is heroism is because the man in the water did something that nobody else would do. He had the compassion to place everyone before himself. …show more content…

In reality, nature was the real survivor, but humanity only sees the winner as the person who was heroic. That was the man in the water. “Man in nature. The man in the water. For its part, nature cared nothing about the five passengers. Our man, on the other hand, cared totally.” (Paragraph 6) The man in the water passed away with complete courage. Nature was the most powerful and took the lives of many people and even the most powerful, the man in the water. The theme is heroism in the article “The Man in the Water,” by Roger Rosenblatt. The first reason heroism is the main theme is because the man in the water did something extremely courageous. He put everyone struggling for survival before his own. The next reason heroism is the central theme is because of his selflessness. He had no concern for himself, in fact he knew he was going to die. The last reason the main theme is heroism is because of nature versus man. In the end, nature won, but the man in the water was the most

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