Food Pantry

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Elderly,mothers with their children, homeless people,people who dressed fancy, caucasian, latino, african americans.There were all types of people going in to receive their two large boxes of food from the food pantry at St.Pius church in the pilsen community.In the food pantry it was quite hectic yet organized.Meaning there was always competition before the give aways would runout.These people had to try to fit into a small hall room go through the same process of filling in a survey,regestoring who they were, and waiting for there numbers to be called.I came across so many people I knew unexpectedly, many of the people who went to the food pantry would usually come back the following week to get more. Throughout high school I believe I have demonstrated my leadership by being involved with BuildOn. I have been very active around my community and in school through various events and programs. Being involved and being aware about what is happening in your community is important for multiple reasons. For one, community helps individuals grow both spiritually and …show more content…

Being involved with BuildOn, which is an organization that lets teens reach out to their community through the act of volunteering, gave me exposure to homeless shelters, food pantries, tutoring centers, and taught me the importance of helping others. The act of volunteering gave me the opportunity to talk to others and change my point of view. It has shown me that not everyone has the same opportunities to succeed in life, and that is why a small act of kindness can always have an impact, whether it is small or large. Participating in

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