Personal Narrative: The First Time I Moved

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The First Time I Moved We were sitting at the dinner table, my mom and dad said we need to talk. It scared me, because when they say that it usually means something bad had happened. They said “in a month we are moving to Kansas.” It saddened my sister and myself. We started to shed tears. We ran to our rooms because we didn’t want to move, we liked it here in North Carolina. It was where are friends and family lived. But my dad said he was offered a job back at his old workplace FujiFilm, and he would get paid more if we moved. So me and my sister had to bite the bullet because we didn’t have a say in this. And the worse part was in a week my dad was going to Kansas and we had to live in an apartment till the school year ended. The apartment had its ups and downs like we had a pool, gym and areas for Shadow, our dog. My sister had a lot of people her age so she made a lot of friends where me on the other …show more content…

The pool had opened so I could go swimming on weekends or when my mom got home. Plus the pool was way bigger than the one at my old neighborhood but it just wasn’t the same because my friends were there and I was here. But I just swam with my mom and sister. But I regret trying not to make friends because I knew I was moving so I tried not to make friends because I knew it would be even harder to move. So I stayed in my room for a majority of the time because I wanted to play with the friends I already had back at my old neighborhood. I would invite my friends over all the time so I could actually play with people my age. Then in a blink of an eye my Dad showed up. But I thought “ why is dad here.” Then i remembered it was the day before my birthday. Then the next day my Nana came to celebrate my 10th birthday. I got a crossword word puzzle book with 50 dollars in it which I thought was a lot. We had pizza, wings, celery sticks and soda from Rudinos with a homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting and vanilla ice

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