Allowed In High Schools

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School and being involved in the community is something I feel like everyone needs. These two things help people to become more open to bigger opportunities. I feel as if you should start young in community activities, such as girl scouts or being involved with soup kitchens. School is not well-liked by everyone, but it is something that everyone should have on their record. People who do not complete high school should at least try to accomplish their GED. Many people think that once you drop out of High school everything will be over, but it will not just because of the fact that we are able to take GED courses. GED is very important because it can get you further than many people think, who knows you can be in one of the top universities in your state. Education is important because is has an impact on people who are looking up to us. For example, I have three little sisters and I want them to see me graduate from both high school and college and I want them to think that they can do the exact same thing as me. Many children that you would not even think about are probably using you as an example of what they want to do in life. Education is …show more content…

When you are involved in the community you are able to accomplish many goals and help a lot of people who are in need. Soup kitchens, donations or habitat for humanity are things that are little to us, but could change a person 's life. Usually my sisters and I pick out all of the clothes that we cannot fit anymore and put them in one of the clothing recycles that are around our town. Something big that I would like to do is to get everyone in my neighborhood to donate everything that they can not fit anymore or not interested in to douglass or even goodwill. Little things like these are important because it shows people the good in you and it also shows people that you have respect and willing to help other in need around

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