Cesar Chavez Core Values Essay

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Cesar Chavez has inspirational core values to accept all people, celebrate the community, respect life and the environment, non-violence, innovation, preference to help the most needy, knowledge, sacrifice, service to others, and determination. His first core value to accept all people, I was raised to not judge people based on their race or religion. Being raised this way has made me curious about other peoples backgrounds and cultures. Therefore, during my years in college I would like to spend a semester abroad in order to incorporate myself in another culture and learn as much as possible. Celebrating the community, one of the major ways that I have done this is being involved in Florence All-Around 4-H. We take pride in giving back to the community whether it is to help an elderly couple clean up their yard or volunteering for town events. Since you can be in 4-H until the age of 18, I plan on staying in this organization and giving back as much as I can. In the future, I would like to continue community service through the University in anyway possible. Respecting life, the environment, and non-violence are very similar, during college I would like to take active role in …show more content…

I believe that you never stop learning that we obtain knowledge in all aspects of life, but school is a major way that we broaden our horizons. This is one of the reasons I want to pursue medicine, you never stop learn and acquiring knowledge. With knowledge comes determination, achieving high grades and taking advantage of all possible opportunity take determination and determining how much it means to you. Personally, I have been determined my entire high school career to achieve high grades, be in the top of my class, and enter college

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