Attending College Right After High School Essay

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Attending college right after high school or waiting to attend has no right or wrong answer. It would depend on the individual situation. It not only will have to do with some may not being academically prepared to attend college but not having the financial resources necessary to enroll. I went to college right away, my husband worked for about ten years out of high school before deciding to attend college. If you can transition well to a college environment right out of high school, then that might be the path for you. I believe continued education is the best. Upon graduating high school, students are faced with reality of attending college right away or waiting to try and find themselves in the real world. Those who are not academically nor financially prepared to attend college right after high school will most likely take a break. Taking long breaks from education can distract one and may lead to taking more than one year of a break. While taking a break from school before going to college, may cause some people to become young parents, then going back to school will not be a priority because now the main focus will be about their child. I think it is better to go right after high school that way you are not …show more content…

I attended college right after college because I wanted to add to what I’ve already learned in high school. Also I knew what I wanted to do and be in life. The things that was taught in high school was still be fresh to me. I was one of the fortune students who qualified for TOPS and federal grants to pay for my pricy tuition. I think if I would have had to pay out of pocket for tuition, I would have been one of those who would have set out for a while before attending. Those who attend college right out of high school has an advantage over those who sit out. My first years of college was successful, which makes think I’ve made the right

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