Narrative Essay About Going To College

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Felicia Anane English Composition 1 Personal Narrative Essay 09/30/17. Attending College Nowadays people like to improve themselves in terms of education. People always learn about good or bad things that go around the world. Last summer was a special year in my lifetime. I was doing two jobs but nothing seems to be good for me. I spent time thinking about how I can make it in life, so I spoke to my friend Jedidah and she said: “education is the key to progress and knowledge is everyone’s power.” In view of that, I decided to go to college to leave a better life. I had the opportunity to go to the college of my choice but the only activity to pass on is to clarify whether to be a commuter or stay on campus. Along the line, I had a change of mind and this time around decided to stay on campus. My going to college has made me good about my language barrier, being in college I was able to develop interpersonal relationships with other ethnic groups, and going to college has made me explore in a different part of the continents. Thinking back, I can remember some basis why I chose to go to college. To start with, my proceeding to college has helped me to break down the conversation among people and knowing most culture from different colonies. Since English is …show more content…

The major advantages of being in college can be put into these categories. Being in college, I was able to travel to different part of the world, making new friends and able to communicate well in English. Finally, going to college has changed my way of living, this is because now I can listen to any song of my choice, watch my favorite English movies, knowing how most people share ideas when it comes to finding the key to difficulties and being a team player etc. My upcoming aim is to obtain my bachelor’s degree in nursing to be profitable in the job market and make

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