Peace Corps Personal Statement

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Given that I was born and raised in Puerto Rico by two Haitian parents, I’ve always had a strong concern for the poor living conditions in developing countries. For this reason, I am deeply passionate for international development focused on education, human rights and health. I consider working with the Peace Corps one of the highest possible callings. My wonderful years in academic philosophy studying Ethics and Foreign Languages have honed my ability to communicate well and sharpened my research skills. Yet, my professional goals in international affairs and development require a broad, multidisciplinary approach to program analysis, research and theory. The Peace Corps Volunteer program is a great opportunity to use my academic and professional …show more content…

This experience furthered my understanding of self and personal life-purpose. From my experience, volunteer work is a vehicle to explore how we can work together in pursuit of a common vision, using the unique resources we can offer, such as: creativity, time and leadership. As a graduate student, I worked for Gibbels Public Affairs in Brussels, which furthered my understanding of international affairs and development. This year, I worked in face-to-face fundraising for Children International. Colleagues know me as a highly disciplined and good-humored teammate, who can always be trusted to assist them, and someone who can come up with new approaches to our project. My biggest strength is my ability to analyze and evaluate an issue objectively, in order to form a good judgment. I am confident that my critical thinking skills make me a good fit for the Peace Corps. Beyond my academic and professional experience: I have the aspiration to surround myself with those who are committed to improve the living conditions of all. Without a doubt, the Peace Corps offers this experience and atmosphere. My goal is to serve in Southeast

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