Mercy Volunteer Corps Case Study

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In your experience of knowing this applicant, how is s/he compatible with the values mentioned in Mercy Volunteer Corps’ mission statement?
MVC's mission statement: “In partnership with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, lay women and men of Mercy Volunteer Corps enter into a relationship with people who are economically poor or marginalized. In a spirit of mutuality, volunteers cultivate mercy and justice in the world by embracing compassionate service, social justice, spirituality and a simple lifestyle in the community.”

I have known Bernard Ekezie for four years. In my time knowing Bernard, he has always had a spirit of serving others. In whatever he does, he aims to help people; whether it is being a resident assistant; helping his residents have a fun college experience and someone to confide in, serving as a smooth transition mentor; guiding incoming students from disadvantaged background in order to ensure that they succeed in college, or serving as a destination X mentor; helping high school students see the importance of a college education.
I have heard him tell his “failure” stories of struggling during his freshman year of college and having to work extra hard to improve his G.P.A. Although most people would be afraid …show more content…

I have been amazed at Bernard’s willingness to live with people who have different identities and beliefs. One example is during his junior year when he was roommates with two students who identified as homosexual. Since Bernard identifies as a heterosexual, I could not fathom why he would agree to share a bedroom with people whose sexual orientation differed from his. Most heterosexual men would feel uncomfortable, especially because his roommates would bring their significant others in the room and they would sometimes sleep

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