Discuss The Expectations For Military Intelligence Sergeant First Classes

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Command Expectations of a Military Intelligence Sergeant First Class Being promoted in the United States military to the rank of Sergeant First Class is the first step that a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) takes into the senior enlisted ranks. With this promotion comes a new set of responsibilities from a command’s perspective. Until this point in the career of an NCO, their respective focus has been to a team or squad. The expectations of a junior or mid-level NCO to their team or squad are often basic accountability, personnel task management, and dissemination of information. Taking the next step from Staff Sergeant into the realm of Senior NCO as a Sergeant First Class means more direct involvement with the command team of a unit and additional …show more content…

(2022) Being a Platoon sergeant or Section NCO within the intelligence filed means you are likely going to be responsible for conducting training for Soldiers that do not share your military occupational specialty. For example, as a Human Intelligence NCO you may be a platoon sergeant for both Human Intelligence and Signals Intelligence Soldiers. Both of these occupational specialties have very distinctly different training needs to remain proficient in their respective tasks. As the Senior NCO in that platoon, the command team is going to look to the platoon sergeant and the respective platoon leader to organize, resource, and conduct training for the entire platoon to ensure …show more content…

This could be from a maneuver element to provide security during a Human Intelligence operation or even coordination with an external agency. This is something that a Military Intelligence Sergeant First Class could be expected to do. The Sergeant First Class is expected to be a subject matter expert and know their Soldiers’ strengths, weaknesses, and shortfalls. Responsibility of coordination between external assets or agencies is a way to fill gaps where intelligence Soldiers need assistance. Army Training Circular 7-22.7 says a Sergeant First Class “synchronizes time and resources in order to plan, prepare, execute, and assess operations.” (U.S. Army, 2020) For military intelligence this could be synchronization of internal personnel to accomplish a mission set or leveraging outside personnel, units, or agencies to enhance an operation. Failure to coordinate could lead to intelligence Soldiers not being able to complete their assigned portion of the mission. Thus, causing intelligence gaps from a lack of collection and not providing a complete picture of the battlespace for the commander to make accurate decisions. Much like Soldiers not being proficient in individual tasks leads to failure of collective tasks; poor intelligence leads to poor mission planning and

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