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SSG Joshua Coryell is presently assigned as a Small Group Leader (SGL) at the Basic Leader Course (BLC) for the Fires Center of Excellence (FCOE), Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (NCOA). His military aptitude and motivation projects a leader of presence, self-confidence, and professionalism that sets the standard by which excellence is measured. He inspires the organization to uphold the Army Values while showing dignity and respect towards all Soldiers and DA civilians. SSG Coryell demonstrates the desired intellect of a senior noncommissioned officer to include: expertise, sound judgment, and fitness; interpersonal tact, mental agility, innovation, and fitness. He extends influence beyond the chain of command by working with organizations that support his Academies mission success. …show more content…

SSG Coryell is a phenomenal facilitator that is mission focused within the Commander 's intent and resulted in his earning the Basic Army Instructor Badge. His performance while assigned to the NCO Academy has been stellar and recently he was recognized by the Fires Center of Excellence Headquarters Battery as NCO of the month, chosen over 850 NCOs, selected for his efforts and contributions towards the development of our junior enlisted Soldiers, in accordance with the Human Dimension White Paper written by Lieutenant General Robert B. Brown. He truly possesses the potential to accept the responsibility of a Warrant Officer and is the future of the Army. Upon speaking with SSG Coryell and examining his valiant SUAS history, I unwaveringly determined that his proven combat experience, along with his will to accomplish any task, would not only allow him to succeed but would set the standard for any Warrant Officer and Soldier to follow, while simultaneously enhancing the Unmanned Aerial Systems operational

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