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If I was the upcoming Commanding General for the U.S. Army Cadet Command, I would like to improve the JROTC programs, JROTC sports activities, and Cadet participation. The JROTC programs prepare cadets for leadership roles, responsibilities, and educate Cadets of their rights and privileges. The JROTC Cadet classes help them focus on study skills, history, citizenship, military drills, and physical fitness. Most of the JROTC activities involve precision and exhibition military drill competitions, air rifle competitions, Raider Challenge competitions, JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Camp, and the JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC). Being the Commanding General for the U.S. Army …show more content…

A way to improve the amount of participation can start with more communication and motivational activities involving leadership roles. Giving Cadets more leadership roles in activities during class time can help Cadets with self-confidence and prepare Cadets with future leadership roles outside of high school. To improve communications in JROTC programs instructors should encourage their Cadets on having weekly or bi-weekly meetings in order to discuss any information on how to improve their school’s JROTC program. Meetings will also help the JROTC staffs with reaching deadlines of events. Cadets communicating and motivating each other will help with team building. Teamwork is an important part of JROTC. Team building activities can include scavenger hunts, river crossings and bridge building, capture the flag, obstacle courses, etc. Cadet Command should help with bringing a part of these activities to schools and make them …show more content…

JROTC programs help improve Cadets leadership roles, responsibilities, and help make them aware of their rights and privileges outside of high school and into the real world. Learning from JROTC programs can help Cadets figure out a career path to choose. An event taking place with Cadets all from different schools that include activities such as include scavenger hunts, river crossings and bridge building, capture the flag, obstacle courses, can improve and help Cadets figure out what role they are best at being in a team and figure out their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being part of a team. The main focus of U.S. Army Cadet Command should be to help Cadets develop their leadership skills and educate Cadets in JROTC to develop their

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