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For a hundred years has the JROTC program been running. For one hundred years discipline and respect has been taught to new cadets. For one hundred years and for hundreds to come the JROTC program has been in action. It is truly amazing how a program that began so small became such a big effect on today 's youth! It has instilled discipline, respect, and honesty in today 's, yesterday 's, and tomorrow 's youth. From my personal experience I have felt welcome and felt encouraged to be a better person than I ever thought possible. As have the past, present, and future cadets. The goals are the most simple yet the most complex in any one of my classes! The program has made me, along with countless others, very proud to be in it. JROTC had very …show more content…

It shows cadets a tough challenge and supports them in the process until their graduation. The program is a very complex and serious task that cadets undertake when enrolling in it. The class has cadets not only workout their physique but their mentality as well. It gives the student a variety of subjects. As a Cadet you learn JROTC ranks, how to respect national flags, the components of a flag, how to display a flag and many other topics. One might question themselves, why take JROTC? The teachers are very welcoming and very upfront with the requirements and the expectations. The teachers expect a lot out of their cadets thus make the class difficult and enhance not only the skills out of every Cadet, but also the mentality of the students. As for the teachers themselves, they are always supportive to their students and help students to achieve their goals. The future of the program would stay the same, the goal would still be to make the youth respectful and productive members of society. Students benefit greatly from being in the JROTC class. That I have proven in this essay. Take it from the cadets themselves, this class has given them the opportunity to get a lot of community hours and a lot of fun opportunities that other classes don

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