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Valley Forge: Should I re-enlist? The question all soldiers at Valley Forge asked themselves was will I re-enlist? I decided I was going to re-enlist why would I not re-enlist and not let all people whom I’m fighting lose their freedom from a stupid decision I made. Valley Forge sadly was the ugly duck compared to where the Red Coats were staying. Valley Forge was in Pennsylvania the camp was in made in mid-December in 1777. I needed to stay to not only protect the people whom I’m fighting for, but for my family. I needed to know they were going to be ok and nothing would happen to them. So would have I not re-enlist or quit no and I sure have an explanation. I decided to re-enlist and not be a summer soldier. Valley Forge might be the ugly duckling, but that doesn 't let all the joyful men there stop being joyful even when they need more men like me. Also they have surgeons to help us with our injuries and let me tell you, Dr. Waldo is a very good surgeon so why wouldn’t you want to stay. I’m not a summer soldier nor planning to be one I will not look like a coward in front of my friends. “ The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in the crisis, shrink from the service of their …show more content…

Dr. Waldo ( who is a great surgeon ) gave us inoculations for smallpox so that we could get rid of the harmful disease(YouTube Valley Forge 2015). General Washington who thought of the inoculation idea was genius now 49/50 survive the smallpox inoculation. Britain who has encountered with smallpox has not found a cure for smallpox. Some of their men are now dying from smallpox. Dr. Waldo who tries to save us soldiers has been doing well, but harsh on us soldiers because we are the ones fighting with all the injuries ( Waldo, Doc. C pg. 151). Knowing surgeons will be there will help me be more safe with all the diseases and injuries I get in the

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