The Ugly Duckling Essays

  • The Well-Known Story Of The Ugly Duckling

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    of the ugly duckling is a poignant reminder of what the judgments of others can do to an individual’s self esteem. One duckling was different from the other ducklings that were supposedly superior in appearance and therefore it became an object of constant teasing and torment. Other characters in the story only saw what was superficially different with the ugly duckling instead of taking the time to find what other redeeming qualities or skills it may have otherwise had. In time the duckling subjected

  • Examples Of The Journey In The Odyssey

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    The Journey Actor, Marlon Wayans once said, “Success is not a destination, but the road that you’re on. Being successful means that you’re are working hard and walking your walk every day. You can only live your dream by working hard towards it. That’s living your dream.” What Marlon Wayans is saying is that success happens when someone work for it, it doesn’t just happen right away. The journey matters more than the destination because in the journey people can gain memories. The details are all

  • Duckling In The Odyssey

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    In the story of “The Ugly Duckling” the main character the duckling develops the trait of acceptance of who he was. As a hatchling the duckling has everyone turning their heads when passing by because of the “hideous” appearance. The struggle the young duckling experiences includes teasing from all encountered and seclusion, which over a the next year built a strong character for duck. When spring finally came along, the duckling could not take the bullying anymore and decides

  • Courage In The Odyssey

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    even the Ugly Duckling. They all have one thing in common, they go on journeys that change them for the better or for worse. When you read all of them you see their fears and their hardships and what would make many people turn back at the sight of these trials of challenge. In these works of literature, like The Odyssey we see Odysseus go through many trails that killed many of his men like the Cyclops or Scylla and Charybdis. These trails are very extreme version, unlike in The Ugly Duckling which

  • Valley Forge Research Paper

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    Forge sadly was the ugly duck compared to where the Red Coats were staying. Valley Forge was in Pennsylvania the camp was in made in mid-December in 1777. I needed to stay to not only protect the people whom I’m fighting for, but for my family. I needed to know they were going to be ok and nothing would happen to them. So would have I not re-enlist or quit no and I sure have an explanation. I decided to re-enlist and not be a summer soldier. Valley Forge might be the ugly duckling, but that doesn 't

  • Kabuki The Ugly Duckling Analysis

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    In a traditional Kabuki production of “The Ugly Duckling”, how are theatre elements used to enhance characterization? Kabuki is a traditional Japanese form of theater that takes us back to the Edo Period while enriching us with its impressive forms of art. From elaborated costumes, dramatic make-up, unconventional wigs and exaggerated expressions portrayed by the actors that convey an essential message to the audience, Kabuki claims its conventional form of theater being one the three finest traditions

  • Shakespeare Sonnet 87 Analysis

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    An Exegesis of Shakespeare Sonnet 87 In his plays and poems, the Bard fails not to explore all aspects of love – including rejection. Sonnet 87 is a testimony of breaking up, not because of relationship issues, not due to external forces (such as an affair), but because on some social scale in the poet’s eye, the woman is higher up. Yet the sonnet is deliberately ambiguous. As is characteristic of Shakespeare’s writing, a close reading reveals that we can’t tell if he is talking about a too-expensive

  • Comparing Hansel And Gretl And The Ugly Duckling

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    tales are confirmed and challenged in both Hansel and Gretl and/or The Ugly Duckling by showing the readers that the dynamics represented through both journeys of the fairy tales lead from misery to happiness in the end. Indicating that each fairytale brought about a heroine and a hero that went through different stages of darkness to transform into beautiful creatures with acts of kindness. Both Hansel and Gretl and The Ugly Duckling were brought into the world where they were not accepted and not just

  • The Cycle Of Oppression In The Ugly Duckling By Ruettiger

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    if they do not desire too; the Ugly Duckling from The Ugly Duckling is a prime example of this lifestyle. While the Ugly Duckling was just a young bird, he was cast out of his people and of his own mother, causing him to go through the cycle of liberation at a much younger age than most. No, he did not want this lifestyle of constantly being rejected while trying to find his own spot in the world, but it had to be done. Unfortunately, as time goes on the Ugly Duckling is repeatedly abused and manipulated

  • Levels Of Success In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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    Sometimes, a goal to be achieved can be reached in a way different to what you’d expected, or you might be ultimately unsuccessful. In many novels, characters experience contrasting levels of accomplishment when trying to get something done. This is the case for multiple scenes in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, which takes place in a future where books are to be burned, and the protagonist, Guy Montag, inevitably starts to question whether books are truly bad. Many times when Montag tries to read

  • Foolishness In Uglies

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    A world where everyone is pretty. A world with no wars or destruction. This world sounds too perfect right? Uglies by Scott Westerfeld is a dystopian novel in which uglies who are sixteen are turned to Pretties. However, Tally a sixteen year old Ugly has a problem with getting the operation because her friend ran away. Getting her back is the only way to become a Pretty. She was willing to give up her friend for beauty but regretted it after learning the truth about the operation. By turning pretty

  • Divergent And Uglies: A Comparative Analysis

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    Divergent and Uglies are two very similar and spectacular dystopian novels. Uglies is a book about people being only accepted into society by how pretty they are. The main character, Tally Youngblood, is undergoing a surgery also known as the pretty surgery. The pretties are the people accepted into society, only because how they look. They live in giant houses and safe neighborhoods. The uglies are normal people who don’t fit into the pretty section either because they can not afford surgery, or

  • Dystopian Literature: The Hero's Journey

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    Similarly the field of young adult dystopian fiction is still largely unexplored and still developing. By looking at the character of Tally Youngblood one can see that her journey subverts conventional views of a heroine’s journey. Through Tally, the Uglies trilogy invites readers to think about how, in YA dystopian fiction, female characters face internal struggles that are mirrored by the external challenges they face. This is important because the target audience

  • Mambo In Chinatown Themes

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    Mambo in Chinatown, Kwok’s second novel, is a full-blown Cinderella tale, where everything comes out right in the end, no matter how improbable the plot twists required. The protagonist and narrator is Charlie Wong twenty two years older, American-born, and seemingly untalented. When she was 14, her ballet-dancer mother died, and the rest of her world changed for the worse. Charlie Wong is toiling long hours as a dishwasher at a Chinatown restaurant where her father, “Pa,” is the star noodle

  • Examples Of Mistreatment In Charles Perrault's Cinderella

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    Mistreatment in “Cinderella” Charles Perrault’s fairy tale “Cinderella” consists of a beautiful young girl that is mistreated by her stepmother and two stepsisters as a form of jealousy. While beauty is a treasure, graciousness is priceless. Ultimately Cinderella represents the persona of the average fairy tale, she manages to overcome her obstacles and find love with her “Prince Charming.” Cinderella is faced with the hardship of being mistreated by her family throughout the story, this however

  • Comparing Cinderella And Grimm's Cinderella

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    Compare and Contrast Essay Once upon a time there was a story about a girl named Cinderella. There have been many versions of this story written. There is a version for almost every culture, but they all lead back to the original version told by the Brother’s Grimm. Although the story has changed through time, the main plot stays the same. Cinderella is a young girl who is forced into being a servant for her family. She longs for love and affection. She finds it when at the ball, but when she has

  • Anthona Compared To Cinderella

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    Mask Appeal reminds me of a popular fairytale called Cinderella. Cinderella is about a girl who is a maid to her evil stepmother and stepsisters. She wants to attend a ball but her stepmother wouldn 't let her. Her fairy godmother came and changed her into a princess. Because of her fairy godmother, she went to the ball and danced with Prince Charming. Fast forward to the end, they ended up a married and lived a happy life. If you read, Mask Appeal, you can recognize many things are similar to Cinderella

  • Cinder Edna Argumentative Essay

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    The text of the book Cinder Edna was organized into simple sentences and short paragraphs. The organization was sufficient for what the book is telling by providing adequate detail in each paragraph. Descriptive language was used throughout the entire book which made having short paragraphs and simple sentences acceptable. One example of a literary tool being employed to make the story more vivid is, “Cinderella sat among the cinders and sighed.” This literary tool is alliteration and it helps support

  • Abuse In Disney's Cinderella

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    Disney’s Cinderella is the quintessential princess fairytale. It has a beautiful girl in distress, an evil stepmother, talking animals, and an abundance of singing. Cinderella herself is a figure deeply embedded into popular culture, and most will cite Disney as the parent of the story’s popularity. The story centers around the timelessly beautiful Cinderella; a young woman who has lost her father, and thus is required to live with her evil stepmother and stepsisters who treat her as the help. Despite

  • Characteristics Of An Effective Helper

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    As human services majors, we are all helpers in some way. Whether we are teachers, social workers or aids. We all do something similar. We help others in some way to make their lives better. Three characteristics of effective helpers that I believe is most important are openness and willingness to change, sense of identity, authenticity and honesty and acceptance of one's power. Yes, there are many other characteristics of effective helpers, but I feel these are the three most important. Openness