What Is The Significance Of Tally In Uglies By Westerfeld

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Have you ever wanted to be pretty? In the book I read this summer, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, that's all Tally Youngblood dreamed of as she would look out to new pretty town, but after her best friend Peris had turned pretty Tally soon grew alone, But Tally meets a young girl by the name of Shay who speaks of a place called the ‘Smoke’ where they follow their own rules and of a boy named daved. Tally learns to love herself being the way she is in the ‘Smoke’ and learns of other and there lives but it doesn't last long seeing as this was a very special circumstance soon tally learns the truth of her so called paradise.
The importance of the book is that not everything is how it seems at first glance. For example, in: in the book, Tally and David …show more content…

For example, In chapter called the ‘side you despise’ “One thing was certain now: She wasn't Alone out here” (166, Westerfeld). The quote shows that the author even states that tally isn't alone after not seeing any kind of life in the wilderness. It is an internal conflict because of the fact tally now has to worry who they are and what they want this will make it harder to find the smoke for tally. A universal conflict in the story is that friendship is more than beauty. For example, In the middle of the book “Tally ran until she reached the fire, skidding to a halt against its cushion of heat and smoke. She reached up to unclasp the pendant’s chain” (281 westerfeld). The action of tally throwing the pendent showed that she cared more about the friends she had made and the people that she had met then those who had promised to make her pretty she didn't care about how she looked anymore because of the fact that she had everything she needed right in front of her. The actions of the character shay prove that her personality is very mature towards the smoke then new pretty town. For example, in the beginning of the

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