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  • Analysis Of Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    Someone’s utopia is always someone's dystopia. In the novel Uglies, the author Scott Westerfeld created a dystopia to show how different it is compared to modern society. The novel has many unfair rules but there are two that stand out the most. Even though modern society has standards, but it is not as extreme as Uglies. Surgery in Uglies is perceived much differently than it is in modern society. In the novel, when a citizen turns 16 they are forced to get a surgery from head to toe. Tally Youngblood

  • Summary Of Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    ‘Uglies’ by Scott Westerfeld, explores the theme of appearance, exemplified through the main character, Tally Youngblood and the setting of Uglyville. Tally is just another fifteen year old ugly, waiting for the day she turns sixteen. She lives in Uglyville, in a dorm shared with all the uglies aged from twelve to sixteen. Once Tally’s birthday comes, she will finally be able to get her surgery, to become pretty. Once her procedure is done, her new, pretty life awaits her in New Pretty Town. The

  • Tally In Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    In the book Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, It doesn’t matter if someone is ugly or if they are pretty; treat people the same it doesn’t matter how they look. On page 6, the author Scott Westerfeld said "Of course, Tally was nothing here. Worse, she was ugly. But she hoped Peris wouldn’t see it that was. Wouldn't see her that way." People should understand that it doesn’t matter what you look like, just be yourself you don’t have to change for anyone. This sentence gives an example of someone thinking

  • Uglies By Scott Westerfeld Sparknotes

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    thought to be lazy and unmotivated. However, that is not the truth. There are many examples in the text that represent grit and determination in characters such as Tally Youngblood. Uglies is a dystopian type novel set in the future, written by Scott Westerfeld. It features an about to be sixteen year old girl, named Tally Youngblood. Tally, had lived in a society where most people have cosmetic surgery to enhance beauty when they reach sixteen-years-of-age. So when Special Circumstances took away her

  • Anxiety Disorders In Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    Uglies Anxiety. Depression. Eating Disorder. These are all things that beauty standards can cause. We see that beauty standards have negative effects in the book Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. The book starts out by introducing Tally Youngblood, a 15 year old girl who is ugly and how she meets Shay, another 15 year old girl who is ugly. They both have the same birthday so they’re both going to turn 16 on the same day and in this book, when you turn 16, you get an operation that turns you pretty. Shay

  • Dramatic Irony In Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld, tells the story of a girl named Tally Youngblood who is only several weeks away from having a life-changing surgery completed; the people that undergo the operation have their faces and bodies modified to look conventionally attractive. It’s revealed later in the book--by former members of the “Pretty Committee”--that the surgeons alter the patient’s personality and reasoning as well. At the very beginning of Part, I there read a quote from Yang Yuan, taken from

  • Book Report Of Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    Plot Summary Uglies is a science fiction novel written by Scott Westerfeld. In the story that takes a period of time in future, the government provides all needed supply for people. When people turn sixteen, they get in an operation that makes them look pretty. After getting in the operation, people cross the river from Uglyville to New pretty town and live a new life with no responsibilities. Tally Youngblood can’t wait to take her license for turning pretty and to come together with her friend

  • Themes In Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    This is Tally’s world. A world where everyone is promised to turn pretty at sixteen. Before that they live ugly, anguished lives. Oddly, this promise is broken for Tally, leaving her threatened to remain an Ugly forever. Scott Westerfeld’s science fiction novel, Uglies, opens in Uglyville, a place where all Uglies live waiting to turn into a Pretty on their sixteenth birthday. Tally, an ordinary Ugly, happens to be one of those who has been waiting to be Pretty her whole life. Unfortunately, this

  • Tally Youngblood In Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    written by Scott Westerfeld, the protagonist; Tally Youngblood, is blinded by the society she lives in that impacts her perspective on her body image. To begin with, Tally goes through a significant development that alters her mind set. Moving on, the time period and locations that take place in the novel assists on exposing Westerfeld’s prominent overall message. Last of all, Tally faces her internal-self and remains between two resolutions that can change her life eternally. Scott Westerfeld reveals

  • Book Reports For Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    Could you imagine living in a futuristic world where you were put into towns by how ugly or pretty you are? Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, is the first of three novels set in a futuristic world in which everyone is surgically altered at the age of sixteen to be pretty. A girl with the name of Tally is about to turn sixteen and is so eager to turn a pretty and move to New Pretty Town to see her best friend, But there is something that stands in her way. Tally meets a girl named Shay and she soon realizes

  • What Is The Mla Citation For Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    Uglies is a science fiction novel by Scott Westerfeld. The book is set in a dystopian world where everyone at the age of 16 gets an operation to be turned from an 'Ugly' to a 'Pretty'. Uglies tells the story of Tally Youngblood who has mixed feelings about becoming 'Pretty'. A character I like in this novel is Shay, a friend of Tally's. I like her because she is different from anyone else in the city of 'Uglyville' and she is not afraid to show it. Shay is completely against the societies system

  • What Does Tally Symbolize In Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    called the ‘smoke’. Tally travels to the smoke but throughout the book she realizes that she belongs there where she can be her own person. Tally then has to clean up the mess she made with her betrayal and save her friends. In the book Uglies, Scott Westerfeld shows that real beauty comes from the inside through

  • Uglies Scott Westerfeld Quotes

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    Within the novel, Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld, the main character, Tally Youngblood, has adapted and grown with change over the course of the story in the form of her actions, thoughts, and words. Tally’s growth can be expressed through the theme of accepting oneself. Tally, in the beginning of the novel, is reckless, thinks she is ugly, and talks about herself as a monster. Throughout the complex plot of Uglies, Tally changes dramatically. Tally’s growth through her actions is a definite example

  • Uglies Scott Westerfeld Essay

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    Scott Westerfeld was born in Texas in 1963. He lives with his wife, Justine Larbalestier, who is also a writer. He has written five science fiction novels for adults and three sets of books for young adults. In the novel Uglies, the theme for the book is beauty comes from within, not the outside. On pages 78-79, “I’m serious, Tally,” Shay said once they were out of the water. Your nose isn’t ugly. I like your eyes too.” “My eyes? Now you’re totally crazy! They’re way too close together.” “Who says

  • What Is The Significance Of Tally In Uglies By Westerfeld

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    Have you ever wanted to be pretty? In the book I read this summer, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, that's all Tally Youngblood dreamed of as she would look out to new pretty town, but after her best friend Peris had turned pretty Tally soon grew alone, But Tally meets a young girl by the name of Shay who speaks of a place called the ‘Smoke’ where they follow their own rules and of a boy named daved. Tally learns to love herself being the way she is in the ‘Smoke’ and learns of other and there lives

  • Tally's Journey To Self-Discovery In Uglies

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    Tally’s journey to self discovery teaches her about what really matters in life. Discuss. In the novel ‘Uglies’, by Scott Westerfeld, the society is divided into two. The Uglies, and the Pretties. The main character Tally Youngblood spends her whole life waiting for the day that she will become pretty, until she meets somebody named Shay. Shay has no intention of becoming pretty, and plans to leave the city. After Shay leaves, Tally gets held back by special circumstances and is told she must go

  • Foolishness In Uglies

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    A world where everyone is pretty. A world with no wars or destruction. This world sounds too perfect right? Uglies by Scott Westerfeld is a dystopian novel in which uglies who are sixteen are turned to Pretties. However, Tally a sixteen year old Ugly has a problem with getting the operation because her friend ran away. Getting her back is the only way to become a Pretty. She was willing to give up her friend for beauty but regretted it after learning the truth about the operation. By turning pretty

  • Shay's Personality In Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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    In Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, Shay’s personality becomes more unique throughout the course of the book. Shay 's life is a never ending roller coaster, while Tally’s life is a never ending drama scene. From beginning to end, Shay’s uniqueness evolves throughout the novel. She grows as a person by staying true to herself. To begin, it frustrates Shay how people only care about looks. Shay states “Everyone judges everyone else based on their appearance” (page 43). Shay got offended when Tally called

  • The Ugliest In The List By Siobhan Vivian

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    Ugliest. Prettiest. Lots of students have been labeled as one of these. In the book The List by Siobhan Vivian, the week before homecoming, two girls from each grade are picked. One named the ugliest, and one the prettiest. The girls who are picked get instant attention, good or bad. Danielle Demarco, Abby Warner, Candace Kincaid, Lauren Finn, Sarah Singer, Bridget Honeycutt, Jennifer Briggs, and Margo Gable’s lives are about to change at the high school, for better or for worse. What becomes apparent

  • Levels Of Success In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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    Sometimes, a goal to be achieved can be reached in a way different to what you’d expected, or you might be ultimately unsuccessful. In many novels, characters experience contrasting levels of accomplishment when trying to get something done. This is the case for multiple scenes in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, which takes place in a future where books are to be burned, and the protagonist, Guy Montag, inevitably starts to question whether books are truly bad. Many times when Montag tries to read