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Jackson Scott is a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States National Guard, and has been serving for five and a half years. Jackson was born and raised in Greeneville, Tennessee. He attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and then transferred to East Tennessee State University in Johnson City Tennessee; where he received his degree in criminal justice. The school transfer was mostly because he wanted to be closer to his family and his now wife and my sister, Baylie Scott. Jackson went on to explain that he joined the military because he described it as his “sense of duty.” Jackson also saw opportunity to get his education while being enlisted. During Jackson’s first summer at Liberty University, Jackson became a member of the 116th Higher Headquarters Company (HHC) Virginia National Guard. To start Jackson attended Basic Training at Fort Benning in Georgia. He went on to tell me that the training lasted a long …show more content…

Jackson told me that this training would be more of a class room type training than hands on like Basic. He also went to describe how with higher training and higher rank makes a difference between training and how you are treated. He used the term “Gentlemen School” when talking about higher training. This led me to ask if since the training is not as intense if communication with family was more relaxed. He summed up that it did and he expects to have his phone on him the entire time this summer in Arizona.
All in all, I am thankful for this chance to get to talk to Jackson about his military experience. Although he is my brother-in-law, we have never truly talked about his military experience. I have a very special respect for Jackson and am proud of all of his accomplishments. It takes a special person to do what the men and women of our armed forces do and I am honored to say Jackson is a part of my

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