A Brief Look At Stonewall Jackson

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Stonewall Jackson was a Confederate general, but his real name is actually Thomas Johnathan Jackson. Everyone in the south respected him very much. But while Jackson lived there was slavery which was bad for the community. But when slavery started everyone thought it was cool and it spreaded, and soon once Jackson married Mary he owned six slaves because he probably thought it was cool. During my paper you should maybe get a feel of what it was like from Jacksons point of view. Jackson was born on January, 24, 1824 in Clarksburg, Virginia (now West Virginia). When he was three years old his dad and six year old sister Elizabeth died of typhoid fever. Because of that his mother re-married a man named Blake Woodson who actually had a record of not liking Step-children. For the marriage to work Julia had to send Thomas, and Laura were sent to Jacksons mill, and his uncle had to take care of him. But after a while Thomas and Laura were sent to an orphanage. They couldn 't go back to their mother or see her, because she died on December, 14, 1831 due to birth complications. His grandparents were Irish immigrants so that means Jackson was part Irish. When he was 18 years old he enrolled into West Point Military academy in 1842 until 1846. Once he graduated …show more content…

To become a good general he had to overcome a lot like his dad and older sister dying when he was Three years old, his mother dying, or being sent to Jacksons mill because his Step-Dad didn 't like him. He became a leader because he influenced all Confederate supporters to fight better so they could win the war. Everything Jackson did would 've made the south really happy, But the north would 've thought it was bad because they were against the confederates. All his life he worked as a Confederate

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