Jimmie Lee Jackson's Rights In The Civil Rights Movement

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Civil rights helped a lot of people during the rough 1930s-1960s. Many people struggled during this time period. Some people even lost their lives fighting for their rights. Jimmie Lee Jackson stood against segregation and dedicated his life to his rights.
Jimmie Lee Jackson made a big impact in the civil rights time. He became a well-known person in the civil rights time for many reasons. Jackson was born on December 16, 1938, in Marion, Alabama. In his early life, he became a civil rights activist at a young age from 1938-1965. Only at the age of 26, was Jackson shot and severely beaten by a state trooper named James Bonard Fowler. Jackson was shot during a peaceful voting rights march on February 18, 1965. He was in critical condition after being beaten and died a few days later in a hospital. Jackson’s death inspired numerous civil rights leaders to hold the Selma to Montgomery March on March 7, 1965. Not to mention his death also inspired the voting rights march, which soon was known as “Bloody Sunday” because of the violence that took place at the march. Consequently, this made more Americans favor civil rights. As well as making it possible to pass the 1965’s Voting Rights Act. Furthermore, Jackson’s death had a huge impact on the production and making of the Voting Rights Act. Additionally, Martin Luther King …show more content…

The main march that occurred during his lifetime, was called the march in Marion. The march in Marion was supposed to be peaceful and was a protest for James Orange who was a field secretary for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. The march took place in Alabama on February 18, 1965. The main reason for the march was that black people wanted the right to vote. This march became the most famous civil rights march. Many of the other key civil rights events/marches occurred after Jackson’s death

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