Chief Davis Vs Mangan Case Study

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Riverside, California there seemed that a lot of change was needed and the Chief Fortier was intended to be a "change agent." Often, the person who takes the lead in an alternative effort of the magnitude has become destined for a short tenure, because the alterations upset so many people in the organization. Chief Fortier experience might become compared with those of Chief Davis in Lowell and Chief Mangan in Spokane. Did Davis or Mangan do better, or was the situation in Riverside simply more challenging? Chief Mangan, compared to Chief Fortier was an outsider, both devoted their two years to build the foundation of support, in the community and the police department. Fortier apparently began to engage a lot of the members of the police department in planning the changes needed to become made. Perhaps Mangan efforts …show more content…

Which may not sound like much, but they went from being responsible for a group of officers during the hours of a patrol shift, to becoming responsible for an entire section of the city 24/7. This case study indicates that the lieutenants struggled with this change in roles, but even more, the sergeants who inherited the soldiers ' former watch commander duties struggled. The case suggests that they were not well informed about the changes or their rationale and had not been given much training or support for their new responsibilities. It can become assumed that the sergeants felt they already had full-time jobs and then were suddenly saddled with additional work without much explanation or preparation. The Chief indicated that, in retrospect, he should have had the sergeants more involved in the change process. Given the critical role that first-line supervisors play in organizations, especially police departments, this probably would have been a good idea. The Riverside Police Department had some labor–management issues. Why do labor and management sometimes get into conflict in police departments? What could

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