NFPA-1001 Training Paper

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In this first assignment, I will try to demonstrate several areas where the trend of hiring greater educated firefighters did affected not only our training division but also the relationship between generations within our composite department. In the last ten years, our department took the approach that hiring educated firefighters from a recognize Fire School Academy would possibly be a better strategies for our small department. I for myself believe in education in the fire service, if not, why would I have registered in this program. In reality, this is where our department started to struggle. First, the minimum requirement to become a volunteer firefighter with our Department is Level 1 under NFPA-1001. In the past, the one who …show more content…

To be able to apply this quote from Mr. Adam K. Thiel, you need to have the right personnel in the Training Division including management. Having competent instructor/trainer with the participation of management is essential to reach goals and objectives established by the Department. Many changes has been occurring over the last few years in our Training Division. Like a mention previously, no one wants to relearn something already well understood, so why would they want to take over this division? To be able to maintain a professional fire service, stability in the Training Division is extremely important. For a certain period of time, we without a Training Officers, only an assistant to the Trainer. He was fairly young when he joined the Fire Department and took over assistant trainer a few years after with minimum experience. It is realistic to say that it was not well received by our senior staff. Young staff well educated through the Fire School Academy, motivated to do more for the Department. He did not get the result he was expecting. Today he still hold the position of assistant to the trainer but the Training Officers position has been

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