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Captain Phillip Ruvolo, who had to hire a few newly graduates from New York’s Jay College of Criminal Justice, due a shortage of firefighters, in Rescue Squad 2, who lost their lives on the tragic 9/11. Furthermore, he only recruited a few graduates at times, because he was risking of providing an ineffective service to the public. As for the group cohesiveness, Capt. Ruvolo, did not want to take away men from other fire departments because after 9/11, there were shortage of highly experience firefighters as well. This is because he thought it was an unethical to do so. Captain Ruvolo, started assigning the fresh recruits and newly hired veterans to their posts. He hired three (3) new firefighters after 9/11 and one (1) member was hired just …show more content…

2 just two months after 9//11, felt overwhelmed when he joined the team. Even working in this job for 4months now, he just started getting to know job. All the guys at the job seems to be experts on the job and he is having hard time undertaking that tasks. After 9/11 tragedy, the fire department had a hard time replacing the great men they had lost. Nonetheless, it was a much harder to task to replace those men and their many years of valuable experience on the job. As, stated in the article, it would take a newly graduate would take 14 years to gain the amount of experience that the men who lost their live had. The skills, these men who worked in the rescue 2 squad range from rescuing to hazardous material units and …show more content…

Vincent, also feels that, there is some disconnect, between him and other veterans, due to only having to work with them for few months. The rest of the veterans are still grieving on the deaths of their squad’s firefighters. One of the veteran’s, Jimmy Sandas, who was lucky enough to survive 9/11, is having a hard time settling with the new hires and with grieving of his deceased rescue squad freighters. He is always remember his friends and seems like he cannot let go of his

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