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  • Becoming A Firefighter

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    this research paper will describe what is needed to be a firefighter. The Operating vehicles. Part of the fire detail to superiors, subordinates, or interagency dispatch center, using two-way radios.An other thing do in the job Evaluate size, location, and condition of forest fires. a serve as a working leader of an engine, hand, helicopter, or prescribed fire crew of three or more firefighters. The knowledge you need for being a firefighter. should know public safety. It would help if know human

  • Firefighter Research Paper

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    “Firefighters save more than homes. They save hearts, memories, and dreams.” This quote means that their is more to being a firefighter than most people would think. In December of 2010 my house caught on fire, my family made it out safely and today we have rebuild in the same house just bigger and better. I have done a lot of research and have heard a lot about many kinds of fires that my dad has told me about when he was a fire fighter. We are very lucky to have fire fighters in our society to

  • Firefighter Research Paper

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    We need firefighters just as much as we need the military to protect our country. They also need money to maintain their apparatus. The main way fire companies get their money is through donations and fundraisers. They often put a lot of work into it and they don't get much money out of it. Because of this I propose that we make a tax. The tax money collected will go to federal fire departments. The amount of money will be decided on the amount of apparatus and the type of apparatus. If I were president

  • How To Become A Firefighter Essay

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    To serve and Protect The definition of a firefighter is “a person whose job is to extinguish fires”, however that just scratches the surface of the many responsibilities of a firefighter. A firefighter can fight a fire and also make an emergency medical call if need be. The work of a firefighter is dangerous, it can include collapsing buildings, emergency medical situation, and in extreme cases, even death. A firefighter needs to have a variety of skills such as evacuate fire structures and treat

  • A Career As A Firefighter

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    The primary function of a firefighter is to protect the community from disaster situations, that includes putting out house and building fires. This position includes more than just putting out fires, promoting an environment of public safety and teaching others of risks that can be prevented. Firefighters become EMTs prior to becoming the profession they desire, so rendering first aid is also a responsibility. Other duties require responding to emergency calls for specialized services such as hazardous

  • Becoming A Firefighter

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    Intro- Have you ever wanted to have a career like this?Even though being a firefighter is a tough job it’s still really fun and a great experience. “You will have to have guts to do it but,believe in anything.” In, this I will be telling you about The pay,characteristics, what your job will be,and how to become one. First, “How they became one” First they started as a volunteer and got training so that they knew what they would do and how they would do it. Then he/she got fit so they were in shape

  • Firefighter Career Essay

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    help others. Becoming a firefighter is not an easy task. It is a physically demanding and dangerous job. "A firefighter, also

  • Advantages Of Smokejumpers For Firefighters

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    you. Become a smokejumper! Smokejumpers are firefighters that fight forest fires but there is a little something special about how they get to the fire. They jump from a plane and parachute to it! Smokejumpers are the first responders to wildfires when they are reported. They go out and parachute down to the fire and they attempt to control it. They fight it for 2-3 days and if they can 't they call in for backup and they have the hotshot firefighters come in. The minimum physical requirements are

  • Firefighters In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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    There is a world where firefighters, who put out fires in the modern world, burn people alive and turn their houses to ashes for simply owning books. This society exists in the novel “Fahrenheit 451”, by Ray Bradbury. In this essay, the world of “Fahrenheit 451” will be compared and contrasted to modern day society. One difference between “Fahrenheit 451” and the modern world is the firefighters. In “Fahrenheit 451”, firefighters make fires, burning people and their houses for owning and reading

  • Personal Narrative: Firefighter

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    At the start of class four of the Wenatchee Fire Department firefighters showed up, and today they were going to teach class. (As the fireman entered the class room I and the rest of the students pitched our noses for the aroma of smoke and sweat hazed the air. the fireman looked at us in confusion and quickly apologized

  • Overview Of Firefighter Injuries

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    emergency service personnel. “NFPA estimates that 65,880 firefighter injuries occurred in the line of duty in 2013. An estimated 29,760 (45.2%) of the all firefighter injuries occurred during fireground operations. An estimated 11,800 occurred during other on duty activities, while 12,535 occurred at non fire emergency incidents.” (Karter, 2014) Out of a total of about 1,130,000 firefights in the Unites States, roughly seventeen percent of firefighters receive some form of an injury each year. Injuries

  • Firefighters Research Paper

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    Fighting fire is dangerous business, simply put. Firefighters put their lives on the line to protect and save ours. To perform such a heroic act, the Firefighters themselves need protection from dangerous environments, Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. PPE accounts for all the clothing that they wear, such as uniforms all the way to the turnouts they use to enter buildings on fire. Over the years, many standards for Firefighters PPE have been developed and tested by the National Fire Protection

  • Firefighter Research Paper

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    What they do Firefighters typically respond to emergency services such as extinguishing fires and rescuing civilians from a burning building. When they are not on a job, firemen will be on call performing maintenance on their trucks, emergency service vehicles, and equipment. As well as performing maintenance while on call members will perform drills, eat, and sleep while on their 24 hour shifts. When firefighters pull up on the scene of a fire, they are responsible for connecting hose to a fire

  • Effects Of Social Media On Firefighters

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    “The cost of compliance with new life safety codes” “Life safety codes are too relaxed” 2. Social Issue Personal Interest: Social media and the effects on firefighters Social Issue: Social media opportunities for firefighters Possible Topics: “The career dangers social media poses” “The danger of videoing calls” “Training firefighters on proper usage of social media” 3. Scientific subject Personal Interest: Extinguishing Agents and there use in the fire service Scientific subject: Fire tetrahedron

  • Firefighter Flashlight Research Paper

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    Firefighter Flashlights Firefighters all over the world depend on several tools to fight fires, keep themselves safe, and protect others from harm. One of the tools they depend on is their flashlight. Firefighter flashlights must meet the standards that are required to do their jobs. The light output must be enough for them to be able to see through thick smoke, and they must hold up under high temperatures. If not, it could jeopardize their safety and the safety of others. The Streamlight

  • Why I Want To Be A Firefighter

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    When I grow up I want to be Firefighter like my father. Fire fighting can be a difficult job that requires a lot of hard work and focus because property, environment, or lives can be at stake, some requirements are knowing how to operate heavy equipment, water pumps and their pressures, the hand tools, medical knowledge, and all this these tools and operations need to be mastered so there won 't be any mistakes. I chose fire fighting because it has good benefits and a decent pay and most of all i

  • Josh Dinsmore: The Great Firefighter

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    Josh Dinsmore: Firefighter The Great Fire of London in 1666 created the jumpstart to fire sciences and firefighting. This outrageous fire lead to the formation of the world’s first fire insurance company, which allowed buildings with a fire mark to be protected against fires, rather than being burned to the ground. As the years passed, fires became more of a problem and something else had to be done. Therefore, Benjamin Franklin organized the first formal volunteer fire company in 1736, which then

  • Why Do Firefighters Risk Their Lives

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    Firefighters are well trained rescuers who put out fires, and save lives. Why do Firefighters risk their lives and do what they do? As of 2014 there were 1,134,400 firefighter jobs, and of those jobs %69 were volunteers. Firefighters are your typical everyday citizen, and volunteers go about their lives the same as you do. Firefighter’s are primarily responsible for responding

  • Personal Narrative: I Was A Firefighter

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    Fire fighting Many people in my life are firefighters. My Grandpa, he was a firefighter when my mom was a little girl. I remember her always telling me about her hearing his pager go off at night and her asking to go with him. My Grandma she wasn’t exactly a firefighter but she still worked in the house and went to all of the events. I remember going up to the firehouse every time I had a dance class next door across the railroad tracks. Sometimes we would go see her just for fun. She would always

  • In-Basket Exercise Scenario Analysis

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    in a calm and quick manner. If the applicant were to go into a burning house and did not know the best way to locate the victims, the victims would die along with the firefighter. Also, if the candidate does not know how to safely get the victims out from the second story, they can all die. The life of the victims and firefighters are