Personal Narrative: Firefighter

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My engine opened at full throttle and my heartrate bouncing off redline as I saw the black smoke pouring into the sky like a coal factory chimney stack. While my partner and I arrived at the fire scene, the apartment was spitting out flames that crawled three stories high. Then, my partner and I downed our Personal Protective Gear (PPE) and the pulled attack line from the fire truck. Next, without a thought of fear, I entered the burning building. I pressed my left hand against the wall to guide me towards the fire as my right hand firmly gripped the nozzle, I continued into the blaze. The smoke was so overwhelming that my sight became blind and all that I could see was a small orange glow in the distance. Finally, we reached the blaze, the …show more content…

At the start of class four of the Wenatchee Fire Department firefighters showed up, and today they were going to teach class. (As the fireman entered the class room I and the rest of the students pitched our noses for the aroma of smoke and sweat hazed the air. the fireman looked at us in confusion and quickly apologized saying they just got off a fire before coming here.) As the fireman entered the classroom, the aroma of smoke and sweat hazed the air. The fireman apologized as me and the rest of the students pitched our noses when they walked to the front of the class. The fireman looked at is in confusion but quickly apologized and explained they just got off a fire. The firefighters began teaching us about the safety if we got caught in a fire such as; stop, drop and roll, staying low during a fire; and the importance of having a pre-fire plan. After they were done teaching the firefighters asked if we had any questions, so I asked one of the young firefighters if fireman save cats from trees, the fireman replied with a simple no, and told me that if a cat can climb up then they will find a way down. (Twelve years later, I was asked this same question by a young kid, and I was planning on answering this question the same way the firefighter once told me but before I could answer my chief answered with his emotionless and deep voice with his mouth …show more content…

Fire! Fire! Fire! I screamed at the top of my lungs in a desperation of fear when I saw a fire in my neighbors’ backyard. Someone set fire to my neighbors’ leave pile at night. My parents woke up and rushed outside while I ran to the phone and dialed 911, when the phone was ringing I couldn’t stop shaking in terror, the 911 operator picked up, “911 where is your..”, “There is a fire at my neighbor house, our address is 1564 Cashmere street” I yelled before the operator could finish then I hung up the phone. I ran outside and yelled at my parents that I called 911. In the meantime my dad was running to get the garden hose to extinguish the fire while my mom ran to the neighbors’ to tell them of the fire. Just after I told them what I did I could hear the screams of the siren howl through the cold night. They were on their way. It felt like just seconds after I first heard the sirens the firetruck pulled up. Three firemen jumped out of the truck, the fireman riding in the back seat rushed towards the rear of the truck to grab the attack line, while the driver rushed towards the pump panel in the center of the truck, and the last firefighter ran to the fire in investigate. By the time the firefighter pulled the hose out and was heading towards the fire the flame length was over fifteen feet high. The fireman quickly rushed down our neighbors’ side yard into their backyard and fought

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