Personification In Ray Bradbury's There Will Come Soft Rain

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Nothing could be heard in the desolate town except for the steady and distinct droning of a single house. In the enlightening short story, “There Will Come Soft Rains,” Ray Bradbury used personification to give embodiment and essence to all of the inanimate objects inside the abandoned house. For the period of the short story, the single, lonely house in the city of Allendale, California, continued its busy, endless routine. Not knowing about the nuclear bomb that destroyed the entire city of Allendale in the year 2026. While the house was still running smoothly, “In the kitchen, the breakfast stove gave a hissing sigh,” (Bradbury 215). Ray Bradbury used personification there to show the reader that the house had done this same routine day …show more content…

How it just constantly slaved on, not caring about whatever was happening outside of the house. Now late into the afternoon, the walls started to glow and animals of all kinds took place; “Hidden films clocked through well-oiled sprockets and the walls lived,” (Bradbury 218). The author, Ray Bradbury, used personification here to show how real and mystifying the display on the nursery walls were. Also, he used personification there to show how futuristic this short story is, because at the time that this short story was written, the technology to make projections so vivid that one feels like the walls are alive. Then immediately, out of nowhere, a tree limb crashed into the kitchen and set the house on fire. The fire grew and grew, spreading from room to room, until, “The fire backed off,” (Bradbury 219). Ray Bradbury used personification there to make the reader feel like there was a battle between the house and the fire, like both of them could actually think and outsmart each other. As the tiny robotic mice sprayed green chemicals at the fire, the fire receded back because the chemicals hindered the growth of the

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