The Veldt: Technology And Children

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Sam Ergastolo HWOC- Period 5 9/20/16 Mrs. Sherwin Technology and Children The fact that the children killed their parents in “The Veldt” suggests that technology is too advanced and should not be exposed to children. To start off, technology should not be exposed to children because it makes them addicted to it. In “The Veldt,” Peter and Wendy are always in their nursery. Their nursery helps them learn by setting a picture and atmosphere based on what they are thinking. This is essentially another world for the children. When the nursery is locked up and taken away from the children, they begin to disobey and act “cool” towards their parents. Peter argues with his Dad in “The Veldt” when Dad takes away his nursery: “‘I don’t think you’d better consider it any more, Father.’ ‘I won’t have any threats from my son!’ ‘Very well.’ And Peter strolled off to the nursery.” …show more content…

When they do not he gets angry. This could happen when anyone takes away something from their child when they spoiled him/her for his/her whole life. To continue on, technology is becoming way too advanced in our society. In "The Veldt," technology goes so far as it makes someone kill someone else. The children love their nursery so much that they decide to trap their parents in the nursery and have them eaten by lions. To show how the nursery is realistic, Ray Bradbury describes it for us: " The walls were blank and two dimensional. Now, as George and

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