Compare And Contrast Barn Burning And The Veldt

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Everyone is raised differently from the minute they are born. These differences range from small to extreme actions. There are little things like learning how to read or bigger things like being raised to believe in a higher power. Some children are disciplined by word or with a physical action. Everything varies from the very start. In “The Veldt”, the children believe they can do and have anything. This has caused them to act stubborn and foolish when it came to making decisions. In “Barn Burning”, the family is in poverty and the children are not being treated fairly. Both of these stories seem to unveil in a similar way despite their different backgrounds. The children in “The Veldt” are spoiled and rarely disciplined.They live in a house of machines that do anything and everything for them. From as little to tying their shoes to putting them in Africa. The children don't ever want these machines to go away but their actions have caused …show more content…

The Justice and Mr. Harris had realized it was an unfair position to put him in so he didn't have to lie after all. After the jury had ended, his father hit him because he didn't think he was going to lie to protect him. “His father struck him with the flat go his hand on the side of the head, hard but without heat…” shows how he was disciplined when he had done nothing wrong. Soon enough, his father tried to burn another barn down after trying to sue the owner in court. In the end of both of the stories, the children’s attitude caused them to lose their parents one way or another. The stubborn attitude the two children had in “The Veldt” only led to their parents being eaten by lions in Africa. In “Barn Burning”, the father was shot because the son had told the barn owner what his father had planned to do. But they all were ok with losing their parents because it meant they didn't have to take their orders

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