Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior Amy Chua Summary

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Some people might argue that a child’s upbringing forms the child’s foundation of life. It forms the child’s identity and its view of life. The upbringing of children is a wide concept because it is never the same. The question is if there is an edge between upbringing and torture. The intention of upbringing is indisputable – you want your children to have a great life and a great future, but perchance certain ways of educating children can cause more damage than good. The article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” was written in 2011 by Amy Chua, who is a professor at Yale Law School in the United States of America. The article follows significant themes such as the upbringing of children and perfectionism. In the article, the author, Amy Chua, explains the differences between the upbringing of children by respectively Chinese parents and Western parents. As for forms of appeal, the author has established a strong ethos. This can be explained due to the author’s education, including her job, but can most importantly be explained due to her experiences. Throughout the article, the author discusses the contrasts between how Chinese and Western parents are educating children, and in this context, she mentions her own experiences, for instance: “[…] I was extremely …show more content…

No matter what you believe or what you think is the correct thing to do, it seems that both sides, the Chinese way of educating children and the Western way, have negative and positive effects. It seems that the definitive goal for all parents is to gain their children a great future, and perchance the predominant factor should not be how you do it, but why. Notwithstanding the fact that the author is not entirely objective, she argues well for her viewpoints and constantly makes the reader reflect on how to educate

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