Ray Bradbury's Depictions Of The Future

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“I don’t try to describe the future, I try to prevent it.” (Bradbury) Bradbury’s depictions of the future, written in the 1950’s, explain his motives for writing in a science fiction style with a heavier emphasis on fiction than science. Ray Bradbury influences people in a way that cannot be mimicked. He used fictional stories to deliver an important message that can be applied throughout time. The message is how our actions affect our future today. Throughout the course of his life, Bradbury never let social norms get in the way of his writing. He repeatedly proved that what matters in life is how we affect the future, one story at a time. He continues to make people think about how their actions affect their futures, which was his intention …show more content…

Bradbury’s writing style was heavily influenced by important writers, all of whom increased his skill and fortitude. Bradbury’s writing is unique in a way unlike any other science fiction, one reason being that he does not consider his writing to be science fiction. His unique writing style gives Bradbury something to stand out starkly against other authors of this genre. Bradbury depicts a scary future in most of his stories, in an effort to prevent them from happening- something that requires a superior writing ability. Bradbury’s stories depicted futures taking place near right now, some as soon as 2026. In some ways, his predictions are scarily close, for instance, in Fahrenheit 451, he predicted we would be glued to earbuds that were constantly talking to us. In others, however, the predictions seem crazy, an example being a house that does your chores for you. The question that his writing forces you to ask yourself is how far away from his crazy predictions are we? Is Bradbury’s future of terror something that will never happen, or something starting right now? Only the future can tell if we learn the lessons intended from these stories, or ignore

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