Papers On Fahrenheit 451

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Ray Bradbury was and is an excellent author.You can really fell through his writing what he is trying to express.”It was a special pleasure to burn to see things eaten,to see things blackened and changed”(Bradbury 1 ).In Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury is expressing that one day soon the world can forget what is right and what is wrong.He has a certain way of using words to describe something.Ray Bradbury understood how the world can evolve technology wise. That is why he wrote this book.He wrote it so people can understand what one day the world can come to be at the pace technology and the world can evolve.

Ray Bradbury was trying to warn people in the 1950s of what one day can happen.But also to be aware.He was not just doing this in the 1950s but today as well.If I didn't know that Fahrenheit 451 was written in the 1950s I would of thought that it was written today.I have read a couple Ray Bradbury books he is indeed an excellent author.But this book stands out from the other books that he has written.I think that the theme of this story is to never forget your roots. In this case the whole society itself lost and forgot its roots. …show more content…

Another example of the theme is that Mildred and Montag forget where they meet first.But that is where everything started for them.I really do believe that a society that is all about censorship can happen,at the pace that technology is advancing.But it doesn't have to be about the technology advancing.But about the world and societies everywhere.The reason that I say that is because books are already being censored.Heck Fahrenheit 451 has been censored.What does that tell us about what can happen in the distant the future.I say that there is a good chance that there could be a society like this in the

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