How Did Ray Bradbury Write Fahrenheit 451

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Ray Bradbury is criticizing that the people in our society, wants us to read books and see if the books do really talk to us and see how they become alive. Ray Bradbury says that books are a wonderful thing in the world, because he says that many books can tell many stories and that can fill you up with joy. Books can inspire many people by how fascinated the books are made and how many stories can be told by a single book. Ray Bradbury says that books are like a real person, which who are like telling you the story and what the story meant. Ray Bradbury wants the people in our society to learn the beauty of books, and how many things from a single book can change your life. Ray Bradbury wrote “Fahrenheit 451” because he wants us to show us, that maybe one day, people will think books will become evil, and start burning them. So Ray Bradbury wants us to read as much of the books as we can. So we can be filled with many inspiration of how wonderful books are and how important we have an awesome time learning from the books. So, one day if you can remember a whole book by word, you can write it down so other people can read your book that you made. By just remembering about the story in the book, and everyone will be happy, so Ray Bradbury is trying to …show more content…

Ray Bradbury thinks that people should enjoy books, as long as they can, so we can learn many things from the wonderous of books. Books can teach you many things, like cooking, farming, building stuff, and how things work. Ray Bradbury tries his best to tell everyone how books are a special resource to find answers, and how books can help you further onto your future. Because he thinks that books will fill your brain with information that you need, so thats why he is saying that books are

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