How Do Books Become Too Reliant On Technology

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This book was phenomenal. At first it was tedious and slow, but it picked up. In the book Ray Bradbury makes it clear that civilization has become too reliant on technology. It is obvious how much of an impact books are on today’s culture, because without them, people would not be as self-reliant and would not be as educated. Without books People would not know anything about history, science, or literature. We would only know what is put on the television or radios. It’s also true that technology is taking over, but not in a sense that people will ban books any time soon or that it will become illegal to be a pedestrian. Just from being around parents, teachers, guardians, and educated adults, paper copy books are becoming less popular. Instead …show more content…

He is a fireman and instead of putting out fires, they start them to burn books. When Guy meets an interesting girl named Clarisse, he realizes that he is not satisfied with his life. He thinks his wife, Mildred, is too intrigued in technology. As he is burning down a house one day, he steals a book and starts a collection. When his boss, Beatty, discovers he has been stashing books in his house, he tells him he has twenty-four hours to read the books and bring them in, to be incinerated, he also tells Guy why the books were banned in the first place and how firemen started. Instead of listening to Beatty, Guy decides to create a plan with a retired professor to put books in other firemen’s houses and call to report them, but when he leaves the house his wife turns him in for the books and leaves him. When the firemen arrive Beatty makes Guy burn down his own house and after arrests him, but Guy then kills Beatty and goes on the run as a fugitive. In the forest he meets “The Book People”. These people have memorized great literature that has been written throughout history. In the aftermath of the war they want to help more people become educated and reintroduce books to them. Just as this happens enemy jets appear over the city and completely destroy it. At the end of the novel Guy and the rest of The Book People plan to search for survivors and rebuild

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