Fahrenheit 451 Technology Reality Essay

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Is Bradbury's Fantasy Becoming Our Reality Technological growth is one of the biggest moving innovations in our everyday lives. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury speaking about the future society where books are outlawed and no one thinks for themselves. Bradbury speaks about the struggle that certain characters have trying to involve books back into society. In our everyday lives, we are constantly flooded with social media and always have a need to pick up our phones. Children are beginning to learn keyboarding at a much younger age, as opposed to working on their penmanship. Bradbury envisioned a fantasy of a society where books became not only unspoken of but were classified as weapons. In the distant world of 451, the …show more content…

In comparison books have been a place to hold a copy of how to cure various diseases also, in the old days people would refer to books to cure diseases and to whatever they needed. Having those resources is very important and having a phone is extremely comfortable to be able to quickly search whatever is needed. Having the accessibility to a computer or a smartphone is very prominent in more wealthy countries and that is not necessarily so good all the time. Each day when people go to bed, falling asleep with a cellphone is extremely popular and more prefered than a book. Another issue is that younger children look up to the use of technology as something you do when you grow up, but kids are demanding more and more use of these distractions rather than playing outside or reading an actual book. Many of the issues that come with the advanced technology is lack of sleep, and becoming distant from the present moment. For example in Bradbury's book, Mildred is obsessed with her tv’s and her tv family reality show, rather than contributing to her own family. There is nothing wrong with having a tv but the usage needs to be with in healthy proportions, the flow of new technology is so prominent in our everyday lives that we feel obligated to catch up with the trend of the new technology that is being invented

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